Pushing myself

20170927_141150So, some time ago now a friend of mine gave me some material left over from one of her projects, it was such lovely material that I was frightened to cut into it so it sat for a very long time in my stash. ย Does anyone else do that? buy or acquire material and then pack it away because you are too frightened to actually do anything with in case you ruin it!

Well my plan was to use the material to make my daughter a dress and if I didn’t hurry up and get on with it, she would have grown too much and I wouldn’t have enough material! so I set to work.

With no pattern to work from I decided to base it on a dress that she already had (picture below).ย  I drew round the existing dress on to tracing paper and added a 1.5cm seem allowance all the way round to each panel.ย  The back of the dress was elastic so I also dabbled with shearing elastic too, you can read about this here in a separate blog.20170927_141245

I assembled it all and added a lining and although the ‘guts’ of the dress is not going to win any prizes for neatness I am pleased with how the dress has turned out and I think my daughter is too!

I hope reading this inspires to you rummage through your stash and get creative!

Thanks for stopping by

Jane x