My First Make..

So I was very excited today when the post arrived with my buttons for my white shirt make.  They are perfect for my shirt, not too big or thick, purchased from Button Craft UK

20170316_191929[1]I learnt a lot from this make and gained back a little confidence on the machine.  It surprised me how much came flooding back from when I first started sewing in 2007. Maybe it is like riding a bike and you never forget.

The lessons I have learned from this make

1 – I need a lot more practise on fitting the sleeves.  This is not a problem as I want to produce many more shirts with this pattern.  The pattern was  a McCall’s M4922,  I love how it fits.  I did have to make it shorter but this wasn’t a problem as the pattern had a guideline on where to shorten it if needed.  There are lots of variations to sew as well which is great, I always feel I get good value for money when you can create a more than one option.

2 – The fabric that you choose really does matter.  I am already looking for the fabric to produce another but this time taking a little more care. This one was rather cheap and thin and I will only wear it over a vest to protect my modesty, I can’t remember where I got it from but I think it is a poly cotton mix.  I have been doing a little research on the best material for a white shirt, there are just so many options to choose from!  If you have a recommendation please let me know.

3 – Don’t be frightened to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  I found that I am able to make buttonholes that I am actually proud of and they are not that scary to do.  I just made sure I measured twice and cut very carefully indeed.  Placing a pin at the top of the button hole when cutting ensured that I didn’t slip and ruin the whole thing.

4 – The tricky bits and going a bit off piste.  The cuffs had me a little bit puzzled I must say.  I have never done a placket before and after consulting a fellow sewist about the pattern instructions she showed me how she does it which was a little different – but that’s okay.  These little changes make it unique.

Overall I am very happy with this shirt and I have lots of ideas to make it up with different material, maybe contrasting collar and cuffs – oh the possibilities are endless.


A few words…

I have read quite a few sewing blogs now and all have a reoccurring theme, people talk of it building friendships far and wide, introducing you into a community of like minded and supportive people and the best one for me, it builds confidence in those that write them.

So why would I not want to start one! Two bloggers that really have inspired me are Handmade Jane and English girl at home.  I am looking forward to connecting with more bloggers and sharing ideas.  So I’m off to sew….

Jane x