The Charlie Shirt Dress

I received this  pattern from one of my mum’s lovely friends who was giving it away.  It caught my eye immediately as I have been looking for a shirt dress pattern and this one has a bit of vintage style about it which I liked.

I wont lie, this make has been challenging with techniques I hadn’t used before such as armhole facings and oh that collar! that had me puzzled a few times.  I came across new terminology too, like,  Staystiching and Understitching.  Luckily the instructions did come with a glossary of sewing terms hopefully I interpreted them correctly!  If you are reading this and know what they mean, please leave a comment on what you do, I’d love to know if I got it right.

20170811_152416[1]My favourite part of construction was the collar although it caused me the most headache, once it was finished I really felt I’d achieved something.  On the pattern there are various markings to transfer to the fabric, which I do religiously every time I make something, using tailor tacks or dress making chalk.  This time was no different and I happily transferred them all even though on some I had no idea why they were there! Well the circles round the collar were sewing stopping points! DON’T SEW OVER THE CIRCLES, who knew? well me now, after many attempts of sewing, unpicking and then throwing it in the corner in a huff when it didn’t turn out right, I worked it out.  If only I knew this before, the dress would have been finished weeks ago!  Although I wouldn’t have said so at the time, making these mistakes are a good thing, it is improving my skills every time I make something and I’m loving learning something new from every make.

20170811_152457[1]I will definitely make this dress again, maybe the version with arms in a lightweight denim for Autumn.  This dress got its debut at a wedding I attended this month I loved wearing it and couldn’t resist a twirl.

Thanks for reading x

5 thoughts on “The Charlie Shirt Dress

  1. Hi I’m so glad you made. I am struggling so much with the collar. 3 days later, migraine, will not give as I love this dress.
    Have struggled from diagram 43, 44, 45.
    I’m not a novice. But this has me beat. Any chance you doing a you tube video and helping us out. Xxx


    1. Hi Christine, I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve made this but I’ll certainly see if I can put together a video of what I did 😀


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