It’s in the bag!

20170524_101730I decided this year that I’d like to make as many of the birthday and Christmas gifts as I could and first on my list was a lunch bag for my lovely friend.

I had in my mind exactly what I wanted the bag to look like and with no pattern to hand I decided to draft my own.

I based my measurements around a 7″ zip, making the length of the bag 24cm, width 13cm and the height 14cm.  I added 1.5cm seem allowance to all measurements.

I lined the bag but decided against a hard base, being a lunch bag  I wanted it to be able to go through the washing machine if needed.  I couldn’t think of anything that would withstand a wash.20170524_101830

Once I cut all the pieces of fabric and wadding it was fairly straight forward to sew together.  For the handles I cut strips of tape that I had in my sewing box, a picture of it is below, I have no idea why I originally bought it or what it is supposed to be used for, any ideas anyone? but it has come in handy now!


20170620_214357[1]I had lots of fun creating the bag and loved handing it over to my friend, I was that excited for her to see it that I made her open it early!

I have plans at some point to put together a more detailed pattern instruction post, I didn’t take any photos at the time of construction unfortunately but I am going to create another bag and will take photos and record my instructions as I go.

Thanks for reading.

Jane x

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