The T-Shirt

So for my birthday this year I received a book called The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking and in it are lots of projects to get the beginner sewist off to a good start. Knowing very few sewing terms I am hoping as I work through this book things are all going to become clear and I’ll be fluent in the language of sewing!

20170611_200318This post is about the first pattern in the book, the T-shirt.  The recommended fabrics to use were anything knitted, with or without elastane, so I chose a medium weight stripy jersey, at a bargain £2 a metre from a local high street shop.  The book has step by step instructions with handy pictures to accompany them.  I found it pretty easy to follow and it all came together fairly quickly.

Summing  up 

Make again – Yes, definitely.  Now that we have some warmer weather here I thought I would try a few more of these before moving on to the next make in the book.

Fit – I am really pleased with the fit, I cut a size 3 and didn’t have to make any alterations.

Pattern – easy to follow with only 4 pattern pieces.  The only tricky bit was using the twin needle and playing around with the tension on the machine.

Skills learned – Well I have learnt how to match up stripes – check these out below! I’m quite proud of this first attempt.


After a bit of unpicking and re-sewing the hem my t-shirt came together nicely and I am loving wearing another ‘me made’ item.

Thanks for reading.

Jane x

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