Solitude in Sewing

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I wanted to write a post to coincide with Mental Health week, which is next week, 8th-14th May this year.  The theme being Surviving or Thriving?

Taking time out for myself to sew helps me to relax.  Sewing for me has allowed me an escape where I can relax and forget the stresses of the day.  Once I have indulged in my favourite hobby I feel calm and it helps my mental state.  No matter what sort of day I am having I know that if I take time out to sew I feel so much better and get great satisfaction producing something myself.

Do you sew to relax? How about joining me in a sew a long for mental health week? My pledge is to sew something to give away as a gift. I get satisfaction from sewing it and I get to brighten someones day with a little surprise!

If you’d like to take part and spread the word about positive mental health please comment below, remember to include the #mhw2017.  I look forward to seeing what you make.

Jane x

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