Got to keep going


I debated whether to post about my latest make as I thought it would be a complete moan fest, but as it did  turn out okay in the end I decided to go ahead anyway as everyone likes a happy ending right?….

I chose to make the Megan Nielsen Axel skirt version 3  in the picture below, which says it is a complete beginners skirt, so I thought great! that is just the kind of pattern I’m looking for.  Only made up of 3 pattern pieces I didn’t think I could go wrong.170430_190931_COLLAGE-1

I used a lovely stretch cotton drill fabric from Cloth spot which I originally had different plans for but when it arrived it was much too thick to use in the intended make (note for future, Drill is a thick fabric!)  so I thought it would work with the Axel skirt.  The pattern comes with a handy stretch guide on the envelope and my fabric only just stretched enough, this may have been why I encounter issues during the make but I thought, in my beginners naivety, it would be okay.

My measurements sat between sizes so I cut the pattern to the larger size and tried tapering in where I needed to.  This is not a skill I am familiar with and I had quite a few attempts at getting the fit right.  If anyone can recommend any good Youtube tutorials or books on this I’d love to see it.  A tailors dummy would have been very handy, I think I need to get one soon, any advice on which one is best?


Summing up

Make Again? Yes but not for a while, and I would ensure I have the right amount of stretch in the fabric next time!

Fit – It required a lot of altering for it to fit my shape, now I’m not sure if this was mainly due to the fabric not being quite stretchy enough or my lack of skills when it comes to grading.

Pattern – As previously mentioned, this pattern only had 3 pieces so it was pretty simple to put together and the instructions where straight forward.

Skills learned – Using twin needle and Grading (although I’m not sure I have that one in the bag yet!)

Overall I am happy with my second make and I think it goes rather well with my first, the white shirt.

Thanks for reading,

Jane x

Added this just because it made me laugh!

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